Certificate IV in Dance (Teaching and Management)

Provider: GOTAFE

Course Details:

  • Course Name: Certificate IV in Dance (Teaching and Management)
  • Course Type: Certificate IV
  • Delivery Method:Class
  • Location: ,
  • Sub Category:Dance Teaching

About this course:

General Description:

Certificate IV Courses are made for people wanting to attain supervisory and management roles, it generally is suitable for people keen to develop their positions in the industry they currently are employed, or just further build up expertise acquired via previous study. Certificate IV courses deliver a large knowledge and skills foundation including a few theoretical concepts and develops the ability to apply that knowledge and skill set towards a wide selection of contexts with depth in a number of areas. If you graduate from this level of study you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge plus skill-sets for specialized skilled work in addition to get even more opportunities for further study. For even more specific details about individual subjects within this training course contact us using the ‘Free Info’ or ‘Price Enquiry’ buttons as above.

Course Duration:

Typically this study course will take between 0.5 - 2 years to complete, according to your own circumstances and the mode of study that you select. As an example, if you decide to do this course online and routinely devote time and energy to complete the homework and assignments weekly you could complete the course well before schedule.

Course Cost:

Depending on your individual circumstances there may be various funding/payment options available. These options vary for each education provider and in some cases vary on a course by course basis. The Study Assist website is a useful resource that provides information for students about government assistance for financing tertiary study - for more information go to http://studyassist.gov.au/sites/StudyAssist/. Or to talk through your options in more detail contact your course provider directly.

Course Category:

This particular course falls inside the Performing Arts, Dance and Theatre family of courses. Performing Arts is the study of producing and undertaking works of music, dance and drama. The fundamental function of this field of education is to develop an awareness of the artistic and specialised factors of constructing, developing and engaging in music, dance and drama, as well as the history, development and theory of performing arts. It also will incorporate developing the capacity to be able to design, create and perform an original piece of work. This area consists of courses for instance : Music, Drama and Theatre Studies, Dance, Performing Arts, Acting, Technical Production, Theatre and Events to mention a few.

Method of Study:

In-class study offers you a structured studying experience and regular face-to-face contact with your trainers, tutors, lecturers and peers. On the other hand, online, correspondence and distance education training courses give you the opportunity to study from just about anyplace, whenever you want. Online, correspondence and distance education is appropriate if you want flexibility and are not able to commit to enrolling in regular classroom sessions. You are able to learn at your particular pace and finish the study course as per your individual timetable. Contact us to discuss exactly which study method may suit you best.

Additional Resources:

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