IATA Fares & Ticketing I & II

Provider: Australian College Pty Ltd

Course Details:

  • Course Name: IATA Fares & Ticketing I & II
  • Course Type: Statement of Attainment
  • Delivery Method:Distance
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Location: Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
  • Sub Category:Tourism

About this course:

General Description:

A Statement of Attainment is given whenever a student has achieved one or more units of competency from a nationally accredited course. A Statement of Attainment is issued for partial completion of a program. Achievements acknowledged as a result of statements of attainment assemble towards the actual qualification. For additional information regarding this Statement of Attainment contact us through the ‘Free Info’ or ‘Price Enquiry’ buttons as above.


Normally a Statement of Attainment can take up to 6 months in order to complete, subject to your personal circumstances and the mode of study that you decide on. For instance, if you decide to do this program online and regularly dedicate time and energy to complete the homework and assignments every week you could possibly finish the unit well before schedule.

Course Category:

This particular course belongs within the Hospitality, Barista, RSA and Tourism family of courses. Food and Hospitality is the study of preparing, presenting and serving meals and beverages, and serving up hospitality services. The principle function of this sphere of education and learning is to build a knowledge of the preparation of meals and beverages, and the provision of hospitality services like front office operations, house cleaning and food and beverage service. Courses in this field include : Hospitality, Coffee Making, Responsible Service of Alcohol, Food and Beverage Service, Baking and Pastrymaking, Cooking and Food Hygiene for starters. Tourism is the study connected with the structure and operations of the tourism industry, expedition guiding, and ticketing and booking techniques. The principal function of this particular field of education is to build the capacity to plan, direct and arrange travel and leisure operations to ensure that an excellent service is offered efficiently and effectively. You\'ll find it entails developing a preliminary understanding of the theories of marketing travel related solutions.

Course Cost:

There are various funding options available to you. OPTION 1. You can pay for the course upfront out of your own money. OPTION 2. You may be eligible for Government Funding. Almost every Australian citizen is able to apply. If you are eligible the Australian Government will pay a large portion of the training course fee for your benefit. OPTION 3. Another option available to you is FEE-HELP (or VET FEE-HELP) which are loans specifically offered to help pay for your education. With FEE-HELP you can start studying immediately - pay nothing in advance and repay the loan only once your wages reaches a certain amount after you have completed the course. Contact us today to discuss your options further.

Method of Study:

In-class study offers a structured training experience and frequent face-to-face contact with your trainers, teachers, lecturers and peers. On the other hand, online, correspondence and distance education courses provides you with the ability to study from anyplace, whenever you want. Online, correspondence and distance education is the best choice when you need flexibility and find it difficult to commit to taking part in regular classroom sessions. You are able to study at your own pace and finish your training course based on your individual timetable. Contact us to discuss exactly which study method may suit you best.

Additional Resources:

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